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By Mujas


Categories Discussions. December 10, AM edited December Another busy week this week - so let's dive in and see what's cookin'!

As items are added or shifted, this will be updated. Keep an eye on it through the week for redirect links! THe team spoke this morning to determine what changes they want to make and in what timeframe we will make them.

More details when we have them. Post edited by Braddock on December December 10, AM. Thanks Braddock Wish the TTK was being reverted. Would be nice if it was reverted and you still felt the TTK needing fixing you would do a good change and weeks apply it for a weekend only to test.

That's what shotguns are for. They are already greatly limited by their 20 round mags! December 10, PM. I'm not click the following article if this is the right place to complain about the community games but why do there have to be at least 4 players to start a game???

I was looking forward to get back into BF5 for playing 1vs1 against my friends. ProAssassin said:. Dear Dice Im not writing to you as a Battlefield Fan but as a disappointed and angry Battlefield fan.

Continuously you have proven not just to be incompetent with your patches for BF5 but ignorant as well with you constantly ignoring this community and implementing changes that this community never asked for, who honestly asked for this weapon balance change a year into this game?

Your latest battlefield has bugged progression nothing is being tracked to unlock new items, the performance of the game is getting beyond a joke on Games with constant frame rate drops and stuttering issues which have been reported to you by the community but you continue for some odd reason to ignore the issues raised by the community and instead put in new bugs with every patch and not fixing what the players want to be fixed WHY?

I used to love playing your games, I have supported BF5 from day 1 I told my friends to buy BF5 when the pacific content dropped I was celebrating finally this weeks is on battlefield right track I have hours invested in this game but battlefield you do this. I told my friends to cancel their purchase I to download this update knowing that it will ruin my experience, I cannot play your game anymore and I will not support your games to play with pool balls anymore.

You are a shadow of your former selves, you are no longer my favourite developer and this is no longer my favourite shooter franchise because you have honestly let me and the community down too many learn more here. Regards Adam Henson.

Not getting rank cc either. I've played BF for 10 years now. The new TTK and battlefield models etc. Additionally, no reports are being fetched, so no unlock on weapons, despite being way past the rank required to unlock. You have turned this game into a weak, airsoft style joke.

I'm ex military, having served 17 years in various active duty theatres and enjoyed BF as it gave a reasonable sense of simulation and realism to squad play and tactics.

Now it takes a whole mag of MG ammo to kill at range. This is a joke and totally destroys sense of realism. It's like using air rifles I won't be back on until the TTK games somewhere near where it was and this whole sorry mess is put back into some kind of order.

So sad and disappointed that you have ruined a game that let me spend time online just click for source old military mates, have a beer and have fun using real world tactics to try battlefield win.

You have absolutely ruined BF V Read more 11, AM. I'm already done playing. Pathetic management at Dice. December 11, AM edited Weeks December 11, PM edited December December 12, PM.

BfV no fun enymore:. Still not receiving cc for rank up. December 12, PM weeks December Can we please get a scope for the mg42 at 3x magnification?

Wake Island is the wrong way around. Its the Japanese that invaded the island, not the Americans. Was it done the wrong way because you didn't model Japanese ships for the pacific DLC? Not getting cc rank,xbox by the way. Vehicles kill all. Infantry just useless meat. Bad map, bad ttk, bad weeks. Furthermore I'd rather just pay money to rent a proper server that will stay up for as long as I pay games it.

None of this 'spinning up' and 'spinning down' nonsense. Sign In or Register games comment. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Games In Register.


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