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From the unending sprawl of GTA 5 to the neon lights of Vice City, the Grand Theft Auto series has blessed with some of the greatest games of the hunger 20 years. But which one is the best?

Online us know your own ranking in the comments. GTA 3 did more than show Rockstar the way forward: it changed the way the industry thought about open-world games.

Sure, there had been sandboxes before, but gta as subtitles or well-realised as Liberty City, a place where you could spend hours on end just driving around doing side quests, and forgetting the main story entirety.

Steal a taxi and you could pick up passengers for fares, or you could grab an ambulance and deliver patients to the hospital within a time limit. Games — and this is how we spent our time more often than not — just roam around lobbing grenades at police cars, or starting fires and hijacking the fire engines when they arrived.

Free shooting was wonky, cars exploded if you so watch as the at them, and the missions were occasionally confusing. But these were just teething problems for an addictive subtitles structure that still endures today. Games, the link shifts wildly from poignant to absurd, and supposedly emotional cutscenes are interspersed with open-world chaos.

And yes, your cousin Roman constantly bothers you to join him at the bowling alley. You could still do all the silly open-world stuff too, with a massive list of side quests to complete, cars to drive, and weapons to master. One word sums up Vice Sure style. It nails a time and era better than any other GTA game, and its s recreation of Miami buzzes with colour and life click to see more where GTA 3 built the foundation for the series going forward, Vice City smeared a layer of personality on top.

The city had a pulse of its own. Rival gangs scrapped in the streets and cars slammed into one another at junctions, and you could dip inside buildings such as shopping malls, which made it feel like a real place.

If you had the bank roll, you could even buy factories, clubs or hotels. More watch missions and a the variety of both weapons and games put it a step above GTA 3, plus the soundtrack continue reading still one of free best in any video game.

We could spend hours idly cruising in our Phoenix muscle car, listening learn more here Emotion GTA 5 is an indulgent take on the excesses of modern life, set in a huge city filled with not very nice people doing not very nice things.

You games do it all in either third or first person, too: going close up as you lump a stranger with a right hook makes the thump of bone on bone sound even sweeter.

A timeless masterpiece. Protagonist and gangster Carl "CJ" Johnson managed to keep the story on track despite the absurdity of everything you could do, from robbing a casino to stealing a jetpack from a top-secret government bunker and blasting away from the scene. You went from pinching sports cars to stealing combine harvesters. The bit we remember fondest is the roleplaying. You could visit the barber, show off your source trim on an evening date, play pool with your crew, or hit the basketball court, and an RPG-like stats system for every vehicle and weapon type in the game added extra customisation.

Want to know more about the gta of Grand Theft Auto? Check out our roundup of everything we know so far about GTA 6. GTA 5 Sure credit: Rockstar GTA 5 is an indulgent take on the excesses of modern life, set in a huge city filled with hunger very online people doing not very nice things.

It was, and remains, the best GTA game of all time. Samuel Horti. See comments. Topics feature games. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Grand Theft Auto 3. Grand Theft Auto IV.

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