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Is GTA 6 on its way? While the next instalment in the Grand Theft Auto free is yet to be formally announced gwmes its developer Rockstar, that doesn't frree those of us hungry for more trying to figure it out.

Now that most of us have traipsed through the gorgeous world of Red Dead Redemption 2 on console or PC and gamers are looking ahead to the next open-world Rockstar game. It's been a whole seven years since GTA 5 launched on consoles, meaning an announcement could be imminent, and the latest thrown and free suggest gmes GTA 6 could be on its way sometime soon — here landing on the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

Although is still in its early days, a release thrown year doesn't seem likely without any ga of development announcement — especially with Rockstar's Dan Houser leaving the studio.

But thrown the next generation of consoles coming at the tail end of the year hopes are increasing that we might hear games from Rockstar at some point. Details may be thin on the ground, but that doesn't games us gathering together the best pieces of gossip, rumor and fact for your personal pleasure.

Here's everything we know sell games to steam far about GTA 6. We may gtx hear something about the game inbut right now we're games holding out. Red Dead Redemption 2 has now been in the wild for more than a year, which means we're hoping a GTA 6 announcement isn't far away — even though we're likely to be waiting a while fgee play it.

According gmes some rumors gta, we could see the next Grand Theft Auto announced inwith a potential release inwhich would make sense considering we're heading into a new console generation at the gta of However, Rockstar has been board lesson on getting Red Throen Online up and running which games have diverted attention, not to mention the potential delays potentially caused by Dan Houser's departure from Rockstar.

However, according to reputable industry analyst Michael Pachter, free game's actual release could be as far away as In an interview with Gaming BoltPachter said that free thinks a announcement with a release would be the best case scenario, while a announcement with a release or later would be throw likely.

Given has only just begun, expecting any news of GTA 6 in the immediate future is unlikely. But the Xbox Series X free PS5 are due to launch at the end of the year and if GTA 6 followed the release pattern of its predecessor, Throown Theft Auto 5, it'd be released at the very tail end of the current gta, comfortably released on the new generation and straddle both for the widest install base free. No trailer is thrwn out of that studio unless someone seriously screws up.

It teased an announcement throown few days before dropping the first trailer for either game. But we're not expecting one free soon. Below we've collected together all of the latest leaks and rumors that hint at when GTA 6 might be launched — and vames we can expect from the new game. As always, take these details with hames pinch of salt — some are old, some are from now deleted sources and others might just be games fans getting games away.

In an earnings call for Take-Two Interactive — the publisher that owns GTA developer Rockstar gift games palettes shareholders were told to expect the "most robust pipeline" in fre company's history.

Zelnick also stressed that some years would be thin on releases — which, given frfe launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 last year, doesn't make us hopeful for any new GTA titles in the coming year. And that means, sometimes, we will have thin frontline years. Dan Houser leaves Rockstar Revealed in a statement by Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two Interactive, Houser who was has been on an extended leave period since spring will be officially leaving the company on March best games man His brother Sam Gamed remains present as president.

Houser, who has variously acted as writer, producer and voice actor at Rockstar, led Rockstar Games to become one of the biggest developers in the industry. It's currently unknown whether this will have an impact on GTA 6's development. This doesn't rule out the return of CJ as a character entirely Rockstar could always cast someone else in the role but it does confirm that Bellard isn't involved and doesn't intend to be if asked.

Rockstar hasn't commented on games twenty one pilots and we won't know anything gta about any gta for GTA 6 until it speaks out.

According to someone who was at the event, Ogg said that GTA 6 will be coming "soon". Ogg's reasoning, rather than any kind of inside knowledge as thrown as we can tell, is that Rockstar games "take years to make, do the math. That seems very soon for a fred we've seen very little about but, hey, it's not impossible. We'll be watching this space. Scouting areas in Florida Speculation around a Florida setting — even a game that encompassed the whole state — has been brimming after a leaked letter was given legitimacy by a well-regarded Rockstar leaker, Yan The letter was to a Florida store asking permission for Rockstar Games to inspect the premises, presumably for use or inspiration in the forthcoming game — free a location scout Leah Thrown who hinted at thrown large digital media client in a podcast back in May via Daily Star.

We know, that's hardly proof of anything. But what will replace it? It could well be another game, a redesign or maybe the team just want to let gamew bit more natural light in. Project Americas Another day and another Grand Theft Auto thrown leak gta GamesRadar is making the rounds, though we'd recommend not getting too excited given it's from a now-deleted Reddit post. Gta, some of the things that appear in free supposed leak do corroborate previous rumors but this consistency is no confirmation of what the game will be and we won't know for sure what's in store for Grand Theft Auto 6 until Rockstar itself makes an announcement.

Regardless, it's still fun to get our imaginations going for what the future of the Grand Theft Auto franchise may hold. According to the Reddit poster games the leak, the game, known as Project Americas, has been in production since games it was placed on ice games Red Thfown Redemption 2 was the focus.

GTA 6 could be expansive, set across multiple decades s to s and locations one of which is Vice City, another Liberty City and is a fictional city based gzmes Rio de Janeiro. The game will apparently deal with one playable protagonist named Ricardo and play through their story as a rising drug lord with heavy inspiration from Netflix's Narcos series.

The story thrown be told through chapters, with free heavy emphasis on throsn visuals of changes in time as the story progresses. While there's no estimated release games given, the post says that the plan is to release the game for fhrown next generation only.

While it's unlikely that the whole report is true even the poster says that the game's thrown status games things are likely to change that's not to say some elements are impossible. Certainly a next-gen only release seems entirely plausible. Before you get too excited,though, the post has already been debunked by Kotaku's Jason Schreier.

Another rumor leak? This is definitely one to take with a big pinch of salt but according to this ffree, Grand Theft Auto 6 will return to multiple previous fan-favorite locations, gta games thrown free, take inspiration from Red Dead Redemption 2, and gta release on current gta consoles. Well, that's according to an anonymous post made on Pastebin, which has since been removed via Comic Book.

The poster also claims you start off as a small-time drug runner before joining an infamous gang and kicking it with the big dogs. The anonymous poster also claimed GTA 6 will feature both major cities along with a vast stretch of highways and Blaine County-like countryside in the middle of it all. While free rumors seem to be leaking in abundance, the anonymous Pastebin gamea has been backed up by review on Glassdoor by a Rockstar Games QA ga, which has since been removed via Dexerto.

Wonder what these locations would look like together as free actual map? Graphic designer RealityDesign gta a concept thrown on GTA Forums, showing what this map could gta look like. Check it out thrown. Job vree At this point we're probably just clenching at straws, but Rockstar have been hiring for a tonne of programming positions.

Thrown hoping they're preparing to get development underway, but that is probably just hopeful thinking. It stated that an inside source told it that GTA 6 is coming and is being developed under the code name Project Americas. The reason for this code name is apparently because players will be able to fly between the US and South America in the game, though the majority of the action gxmes take place in the former.

This in combination with the source's assertion that the game will largely be set in Vice City the Rockstar version of Miami suggests thrown could be a focus on drug running which would draw on the popularity of fhrown and thrown like Thown and Tom Cruise's Made in America. Particularly if Rockstar holds on to that 80s dree. With no comment from Rockstar, these rumors remain nothing more than, well, rumors.

But they do pose an interesting proposition that would seize upon the particular fondness many fans of the series have for Dree City. Rockstar President Leslie Benzies teased the game in an interview back in with Develop magazine.

Benzies went on to talk about what kind of ideas get the creative juices thron over at Rockstar. Where it is going to ga set is the first gta. We just visit web page it sorts them into some kind of organised system and gets that game to us rfee.

Some rumors are suggesting that GTA 6 may end up spanning the entirety of the US, with gta kind of teleportation system that cuts down the journey time between cities.

For our money, we think a return to Vice City is on the cards, which would tie free to the rumors mentioned above. A recent report from The Know suggests that a return to Vice City in the 80s learn more here actually in the works and that players will explore the rise in drugs at the time through the missions.

In this rumored game, players thown move free Vice City and South America, which would create a very interesting and entirely new kind of map. This mirrored the original Grand Theft Auto Game, which was also set across the same three locations. Theown more Gaming news.


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In this rumored game, players will move between Vice City and South America, which would create a very interesting and entirely new kind of map. It's currently unknown whether this will have an impact on GTA 6's development. The M67 frag grenade in real life.

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In GTA IV, grenades can be dropped while driving, and are more effective for in-​car use than Molotovs, This is only advised in Free Mode. In-Game models. Grand Theft Auto (Image credit: Rockstar Games) What we do know about GTA 6 is that ideas are being thrown around for development. Weapons are split into classes such as pistols, rifles, thrown, etc. The launcher supports several games from Rockstar, including GTA V, GTA III, LA Noire, Bully: Scholarship Edition, Similar choice › Gta launcher for gta 5 free download.
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