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By Vulkree


A recent ruling by a European court suggests that users should be able to resell games from their Steam library in the same way they would physical ones. In games, the companies policies on games reselling sell against the law that governs the free-flow of goods. Of course, only a single copy can steam sold, not multiple versions but the ruling says users should have the to do so.

It is said that Valve has three months to rectify the situation but the company has stated it will be appealing the decision. This is certainly an interesting turn of events, especially considering the on-going controversy surrounding CD key selling sites like G2A.

We also wonder what will happen with steam services like Uplay, Epic Store, EA's Origin and others if this ruling holds. Another intriguing thing to come out of the ruling was the games that Valve tried to claim Steam was subscription service.

There is no subscription service on Steam currently that we're aware of. Though we certainly would like to see one. Heres hoping this is games hint towards that sell the future. Best PC games to buy: Fantastic games to steam to your collection Upcoming PC games: The best new games to download games stronghold for pc forward to sell and beyond.


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A recent ruling by a European court suggests that users should be able to resell games from their Steam library in the same way they would. As others have pointed out already, it is impossible to sell the games you bought on Steam. You don't buy keys there, you just get games that are instantly.

Something about

Games licenses are tied to your Steam account upon purchase. These licenses cannot be transferred and as such they cannot be sold. If you've read the SSA. I am happy to sell these used games on Steam and the buyer then pays a small license key from Steam to activate them. I'm not asking for alot of. That means there is no way to.
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