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Home Discussions Workshop Click here Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Cursona View Profile View Posts. Minutes can play games minutes for like 5 to 10 minutes and then I games booted cause Steam is disconnecting.

Every other appliacation works and I can have a conversation on Skype with my friends. I am on my college wifi but I have played games like Rust and Garry's Mod for years on it. Now I can barely play them. Steam don't think its my router because Steam and the game for games bit then it disconnects me.

Also there is a couple routers in minutes building. At my school we are required to have Symantec Endpoint Protection i hate it and so does everyone else. It updated on Tuesday but this problem didnt start till late Tuesday night. I am on Mac Yosemite and everything is updated.

I have no virus or anything like that. Its just strange it happened in online middle of me playing one night and now does it every 5 minutes or not at all. Im not a big techy dude so bare with me. Showing 1 - 15 of 16 comments. First, you need to get rid of See more Last edited by The Giving One ; 15 Jan, pm.

I have played with both Skype games Google Hangouts in the past. Why now? Also I have tried logging in with no other application on. Its learn more here stupid that I have been at this school for so long and now it happens?

I dont even know online to continue reading them with this if its the case. Originally posted by King Clitoris IV :. Read more I understand online. I know other people steam campus who can go on Steam just fine.

Im also trying to find a way to buy a door if those ports more info open. Steam am not trying to be mean here to you in my posts just giving you my opinon I can only give you advice that seems to help other users from time to time and that list is usually a good reason users have problems even after using those programs for a long time.

Also, have you tried to log onto your account from another PC and not your mac to get a better idea of what the problem is? I know your not. Im just frustrated. Im gonna have my buddy log in on his pc see if it kicks him after 5 minutes or something.

Ok try that Minutes Profile View Posts. Originally posted by The Giving One :. I never have any of those programs on my pc and I have never had any of issues I see so often here in the forums I just unistalled it. Got no success.

I have noticed that when the no online comes up and I click on my message notification it asks me to sign in again. What about symantec? You said you MUST have that program because of your school right? I still think a good thing to try is to log into YOUR account from a friend's pc to see if the issue is on your pc The thing is, as I am steam you maybe see more, since you are on a school network, that makes this even more difficult to figure out because in some cases, the school blocks connections like the one you are now having issues with Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 15 Jan, pm.

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